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The Barnabas Ministry provides on-line resources to help people deal with unsatisfying, difficult, unhealthy or abusive church experiences.

There are not many resources for people seeking to understand or address a bad church experience. Most churches and other spiritual growth resources are completely ill-equipped to help people deal with healing from that and renewing one's faith in the aftermath.

Barnabas Ministry articles seek to help fill this gap and provide thoughtful discussion at the heart of the issue, from somebody who has first-hand experience with these issues, in multiple churches and from multiple perspectives over the course of several decades.

Churchless Christianity Spiritual Abuse and Recovery Bible and Biblical Interpretation
If you or a loved one wants to be a faithful Christian but just can't "do church" right now.

If you or a loved one is involved in a troubling church situation. To build a strong foundation in Biblical Understanding, learn more about the Bible and Biblical Interpretation. Bible misuse is at the root of so many bad church and faith experiences.