D. A. Carson has written a thoughtful, stimulating book that examines fallacious methods of performing exegesis, that skill essential to understanding the Bible.

On one hand, it might seem a bit odd to have a book about how to make mistakes. But if you read about how to make mistakes, it can keep you from making them. Carson accomplishes this task effectively by categorizing fallacies and then illustrating them with examples from all sorts of published works (including some of his own!). The great benefit here is that so many of the techniques exposed as fallacies sound so good until you consider the fallacious elements of them.

I can just about guarantee that you've read or heard some of these fallacies practiced. The book will help you avoid believing fallacious exegesis and also avoid passing it on to others.

If you take the task of exegesis seriously, this book is for you. While sometimes deep, it is full of wise words to help readers avoid making mistakes in exegesis. And the Scriptures do command us to endeavor to handle the Word of God correctly. Accordingly, this book should find its way to your bookshelf after you capture the desire to understand what the Scriptures say.