This area of the Barnabas Ministry consists of various studies of biblical topics. They are generally on topics associated with spiritual abuse, churchless Christianity, or Christian living in general.

Bible Basics

Bible Basics

A bird-eye view of the Bible- How the books are ordered and their general themes.

Bible Translations

What makes a good translation? What translation should I use?

New Testament Survey

Short discussion of the circumstances surrounding each New Testament book.

Bible Chronology

Dates for significant Old Testament, Inter-testimental and New Testament events

Gospel Harmony Summary

Putting together the four gospels into one story.


An examination of the Psalms and how they might be used in the life of a Christian.

Special Studies

Egypt, O Egypt

A series of articles examining the Israelite experience in Egypt with a view towards understanding unhealthy and abusive spiritual environments.

Royal Leadership in the Church

Discussing the rise of King Saul and its relevance for the church today.


Discussing tithing in the Law of Moses and its relevance for Christians today.

Rescuing the Gospel from the Gospels

A discussion of the place of the gospels in the life of a Christian

Disciples, Followers and Believers

The two different calls of Jesus

A Sober Look at Unity

Examining group dynamics and Scriptural insights about unity.

The Spiritual Life Cycle

Examination of the various stages of spiritual life.

The Mature Attributes

A discussion of some biblical attributes for mature Christians.

Clearing Up the "End Times"

A biblical understanding of the "end times" and how the impending events of 70 AD are the primary contextual consideration of the New Testament.

Suffering, Growth and Bitterness

Overview of bitterness from a scriptural point of view

Thoughts on Primitivism

"Primitvism" is the idea that the "primitive" church (the one talked about in the Bible, from the 1st century) is the church that we should seek to imitate today. It sounds like a good idea, but does that really make sense?

The Story of Barnabas

The story of Barnabas, and how his multi-faceted life can inspire the church today.


Matthew 7:21

What the Gospels have to say about "the will of God"

Matthew 16:18

Who is the Rock?

Matthew 28:18-20

Baptize disciples?

John 2:17

Was Jesus "consumed with zeal?"

Acts 2:36

Who crucified Christ?

Titus 3:10

Reject A Factious Man: Another Look at Marking

1 John 1:7

Walking in the Light